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Proprietor- Yagnesh B. Raval

General Business Information

  • Value Calculus & Allied Assessors (Prop.)
  • Surveyors
    *Assessors * Valuers *Investigators
    *Certified Insurance Arbitrator
  • Business Details

    Value Calculus & Allied Assessors was established on 1st May, 1998.
    • Carrying out Loss Assessment for Fire, Financial Losses (burglary, cash in transit, fidelity, JB, sports, event cancellation, etc. & Marine Cargo & Business Interruption Losses.
    • Empaneled with major Non-Life insurance company viz. All 4 PSUs & Major Private Players.
    • Handled numerous catastrophic & riot claims even outside the Head quarter (Mumbai) viz. at Srinager, Chennai, Surat, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Varodara as well as at Nepal & Maldives.
    • Have handled about 15,000 plus claims till date, ranging from a few thousands to a few Crs.

  • About the Proprietor

    Yagnesh B. Raval, B.Com, MBA, possess professional qualification as an ‘ASSOCIATE’ with ‘FIRE’ as main subject from The Institute of Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters & is a ‘FELLOW’ Member of Indian Institute of Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors, holding Master Valuer degree for immovable properties from The Indian Institute of Valuers (India) & Certified Insurance Arbitrator from Asean Institute of Insurance & Risk Management.
    The Proprietor, possess more than 3 ½ decade experience out of which almost 14 yrs. were spent with two most eminent Surveying Firms in the country, viz. M/s. Mehta & Padamsey Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai & M/s. C.P. Mehta & Co., Mumbai (1985-1998)

  • Team Details

    • The Staff strength consist of a CA cum Cost Accountant, Engineers, MBAs, B.Com with insurance & banking. All the employees, even back office support staff are either insurance qualified or pursuing studies for competitive insurance examinations.


    • Arbitration, is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is a way to resolve disputes outside the judiciary courts. The dispute will be decided by one or more persons (the 'arbitrators', 'arbiters' or 'arbitral tribunal'), which renders the 'arbitration award'. An arbitration decision or award is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts, unless all parties stipulate that the arbitration process and decision are non-binding.
    • Professionals trained to be ‘Certified Insurance Arbitrators’ were greatly required after the introduction of The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2019. The Insurance Arbitration Certificate Course, designed and delivered by Asean Institute of Insurance & Risk Management, with the guidance and support of eminent retired Supreme Court judges, practicing Supreme Court lawyers and numerous insurance wizards from the insurance industry as faculty members, is trying to fulfil this need.
    • Currently, arbitration in insurance is used for the resolution of disputed insurance claims, wherein the liability is accepted but quantum is disputed. The arbitration is cost effective & helps the Insured to get a quick settlement within 12 to maximum 18 months, instead of 5 to 15 years of legal proceedings in the form of civil proceedings in courts, leading to saving in time and in cost of legal proceedings and saving of interest to both insured and the Insurers. This also helps to build a positive reputation for the Insurers as well as saves NPA burden of the Bankers.
    • The arbitration when carried out through a professional, trained in non-life insurance sector in general and preferably with sound ‘on the field practical experience’ of handling numerous claims, helps in deriving desired results in stipulated time by achieving equitable status in settlement, keeping both the parties happy to the extent possible and is practical.